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What to do when the kids are still so little? Have them help make paper chain garlands! The 10th day found me digging through our craft box for supplies:

~ Red and green construction paper
~ Safety scissors
~ Scotch tape or glue stick
~ Excited little kids

Bug was great at alternating the colors I needed. However not so great with the tape dispenser. LOTS of twisted tape. Muffin just wanted to run around with the paper, whatever makes her happy 🙂 We pulled in daddy mid-craftiness to cut up more strips of paper. We now have a beautiful chain hanging across our windows, above the tree in the living room.

Pictures added:


Well, with a rather hectic evening the activity was almost missed, but Christmas stories are always an easy one. We had gone to the Post to pick up some packages we’d sent home form Ohio. In those packages were several Christmas books. One was particularly special as it was recorded by Grammy and Grampy.

As 7:30pm rolled around we changed into our jambes, cuddles up on the couch and begin with the Charlie Brown Christmas book. The girls instantly recognized the voices and yelled “Grammy! Grampy!” and off we went into the story. Bug also really enjoyed the music intros as well. Once Charlie Brown ended on we went to ‘A Bad Kitty Christmas’ which is terribly cute. However before I could finish both girls were restless and ready for bed, so off they went.

Nothing like a nice holiday story at bedtime 🙂

Happy Birthday! Today’s activity has the family gathered around the TV (tsk, tsk) to watch “Frosty the Snowman”. Bug just adores singing what words she does know of the song and is head over heels for the snowman plushie I brought home yesterday.

Muffin, on the other hand, sort of watches. She reacts when Bug does.

All in all, a little holiday spirit for us to watch and talk about. Bug loves telling us what is going on as it happens or just after it occurs. The ‘magic man’, ‘Pocus’ the rabbit, Frosty… oh yes, the names are up for interpretation when it comes to an almost 4 year old mind.