Fell a little behind on the blog posts! Unfortunately the whole house has been hit by a cold/sinus infection. Yet that will not stop us from celebrating the holiday! Catching up….

Day 12- The Ice Age

Monday I was feeling quite under the weather so we had a relaxing evening and watch the Ice Age Christmas special. I mean really, doesn’t Scrat get everyone into the Christmas spirit?

Day 13- Angel Costume

Caitlin’s costume for her school performance arrived, so it was time to try it on and make any adjustments needed. Pictures below.

Day 14- Fun with Stickers!

Wednesday we made pictures with winter themed stickers. If you knows our girls, you know they love stickers! I think we may have finally used up all the holiday stickers I bought for Caitlin last year. Pictures below.

Day 15- More Decorations!

You truly can never have too many decorations. We had found another garland for the tree in a box in the attic. Additionally more colored ornament balls as well. After a nice dinner Caitlin, Reagan and I spent our time adding more decorations to the tree. They may think that decorating the tree is a month long event πŸ˜‰ Unfortunately no pictures of the additional decorating.

Day 16- Whoopsy Daisy Angel

School performance! Caitlin’s first school performance, she was one of the chorus of Angel’s. They were so darn adorable. Neighbor Jake was in it as well as a shepherd and her BBF Andrew was Joseph. Cuteness, and comedy, all around.

Day 17- Birthday Party?

Yesterday was consumed by running to Angelina Ballerina, quick naps and a birthday party for Jake, the one that lives 4 doors down, not next door πŸ™‚ So we found ourselves at Monkey Maze for the first time and the girls had a blast. I can’t blame them, it looked like fine to me as well, but adults are not allowed to climb πŸ™‚ No pictures here either as we were too busy chasing children. Reagan wanted to play in the area for 5 – 10 year olds with Caitlin, and I had to keep chasing her back to the toddler area.

Today’s activity… visiting Santa at the Maryborough Hotel!!!

Happy Holidays,