Tree time!!! Finally, the moment we had been talking about for days with the girls, we put up our tree as today’s activity. Now putting up the tree was almost all that occurred as Muffin discovered how much she loved taking the ornaments and running away with them (giggling all the while). Bug on the other hand was scolding her and trying to get them back to put on the tree. So the upper 1/2 has some amount of decorations compliments of Bug and Mommy, the bottom half is mostly bare at the moment, pending if Muffin can handle not removing further ornaments. I’ll say we were going with a minimalistic approach this year 😉

Bug keeps commenting on how “beautiful” the tree is and how much she loves the decorations. She also sings ‘O Christmas Tree’ and the lyrics are something like: O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree. How I love you so much…


Muffin "Helping"

Bug's turn!

Make sure to get the back

On the tree, or not?

mmmm, gingerbread bear