Oops! Took a bit of a hiatus there. However now checking in from Columbus, Ohio. We are now home for two weeks visiting family and friends. It’s a nice break to be around all things familiar, although driving is bait weird for me, I truly am used to driving on the “other” side of the road now.

Before we left Cork, Caitlin met Angelina Ballerina:

So happy!

She’s been in the class for about 2 months now and just loves it. When we head back the next semester starts and we continue through until her birthday. Then she moves up a level!

Reagan is still a bit young for such classes, but enjoys the alone time at home without a big sister in her way 🙂

Speaking of Reagan, she does everything Caitlin does, or tries to, whether it be good or bad. It’s cute, but also means sometimes we have TWO crazies running around the house. She speaks in many sentences and is picking up new words daily. We have to watch what we say around her more than I think we ever did with Caitlin. She is a sponge.

And perhaps my most exciting news, just before we arrived on Wednesday, I became an aunt! My brother and SIL had their first on Monday. I was so excited to meet little Calvin on Thursday afternoon. He is just adorable, despite being a spitting image of my brother 😉 We really look forward to moving back early in 2013 and getting to spend more and more time with him. I am hopeful that he and the girls grow up to be very close. They’ll all be fairly close in age, which I think will help. We’ll move back at just the right age for him to learn all the bad habits for Crazy and Crazier!

OK, kids are restless, must find breakfast soon.

Post again soon 🙂