Yesterday we braved scenic winding narrow roads to find our way to Blarney Castle. I am still wholly convinced the GPS was playing games with us as it brought us home completely different route, but that may be a tale for another day.

I really was not sure how the girls would perceive the castle: bored, too young, uninterested, etc. Little did I know that Caitlin would be over the moon and Reagan happy to follow along.

Anytime there is a map involved we are sure to win. The ‘Dora the Explorer’ instinct took over and Caitlin was off to find castle, fairies, flowers, and anything else you could imagine. Mostly castles and princesses, though.

The girls braved the stairs and up we went into the castle to see the various rooms and Blarney Stone. Jack kissed the stone, I did not. I blame the germs, not my fear of heights 😉

After the trip up to the top we worked our way back down and to a cafe for a little ice cream and tea. We were to head to the manor house next, but the picture perfect day was quickly change as dark gray clouds rolled in and opened upon us. That said, Caitlin loved running with me from tree bank to tree bank for coverage. It was quite the game we were playing.

We’ll definitely go back again, so much more of the grounds to see. A few pictures here, so many more working their way onto Flickr.