As of late the kids have taken to having us read them books. Many, many books.

Before we moved Caitlin was not as interested in books at bed time as she was during the day, so I had given up on bedtime stories, at least for the moment. With the move, and the late hours of sunlight, I decided to give it a go again as a way to at least get her up to her bedroom and in bed, and it worked! Now bedtime includes no less than 2 or 3 books, usually upwards of 4 – 10 books. Due to the shortness of so many of her books, and her honestly outgrowing a few of them, we’ve started investing in a few new books. Currently her favorites include:

• There’s a Wocket in My Pocket
• Fancy Nancy Goes to the Museum
• Angelina Ballerina
• Angelina ad the Princess
• Angelina’s Invitation to the Ballet
• Harold and the Purple Crayon

Angelina is by far #1 right now. This is good because I’ve signed her up for Angelina Ballerina classes starting in September as something fun and dance oriented that we can do this fall on Saturday mornings.

Always looking for further suggestions on books for a preschool age child, I’ll be starting her an wish list as well. I did visit the Douglas library in hopes I could avoid buying too many books to keep her interested, however the selection was very small and it honestly made me very sad. That said, I like having books at home and as Caitlin outgrows them Reagan will certainly enjoy them.

Speaking of Reagan, she is constantly bringing us books to read her during the day. Usually the same 4 or 5 board books over and over, but she loves them so:

• The Belly Button Book
• Baby Cakes
• Barnyard Dance
• Usborne Very First Nursery Rhymes (this and Baby Cakes are the top 2)
At this point I believe Jack and I both have most of the board books in the house memorized. And Reagan knows them well too, especially when we get to Baa Baa Black Sheep in the Nursery Rhyme book. I should note that the absolute favorites are the Halloween books. It was the same with Caitlin. Nothing like reading about Halloween in May!

What books do your kids enjoy, or did you enjoy as a child? I was a voracious reader as a child (may have something to do with the family bookstores) and hope my children are as well. Now if only I could find more time for myself to read 

(currently reading Tina Fey’s ‘Bossypants’)