Over the long holiday weekend I focused on catching up on Flickr. I believe I posted close to 430 pictures in total for our time to date in Ireland. It’s been fun to look back at our initial 4 – 5 weeks and I’ve posted some highlights below. I do have approximately another 100 pictures to download off our camera that represent the most recent week or so. I anticipate more regular updates moving forward to both Flickr and this lovely blog! And now to what everyone really wants… pictures! Be sure to add me as a contact on Flickr if you wish to see more since I keep the pictures of the kids mostly private.

The new playhouse has been a hit!
Playing in the new playhouse

Gigantic slide at Fota Wildlife Park:

Hanging out with King Julian!
Caitlin, Mommy and King Julian!

Gorgeous church in Douglas located next to the playground:
Church in Douglas

Fun ride at the Farmer’s Market in Mahon Point:
Ride at Farmer's Market

Another yummy shot from the Farmer’s Market:
Mahon Point Farmer's Market

Quite possibly one of the cutest smiles ever!
best smile!

The kids were excited to have our couch back:
They clearly missed our couch

Billions of bubbles!
billions of bubbles!

Such a big girl sitting at the table drinking out of her straw cup:
Sitting at Caitlin's table

We have many blooming trees and plants in our back garden and front drive… its’ been gorgeous:
More flowers out front

Be sure to check out many more on Flickr and I’ll be back to regular updates moving forward!