After a whirlwind of a hiatus, we’re back! It’s been a crazy several months and the biggest news to come out of it is that we’re moving to Ireland!!! You read that right, we’re up and moving from Columbus, OH to Cork, Ireland in just a matter of weeks. Which means of course blogs will be much more frequent as we shake it up a bit and share with you the adventure that will be living as an expat. I expect there will be many stories, pictures and silliness to share.

Official move date right now is March 10, 2011, but it is up in the air pending my work permit which could come the first, could come by the 7th, could come sometime thereafter. We’re hopeful for by the 7th. The items being shipped to Ireland are being packed up to head out on the 7th & 8th and we’ll see them 4 – 8 weeks later in our new home.

And yes, I have found us a new home! It’s an awesome duplex with a back yard, mostly enclosed front drive, at the end of a cul de sac, and just perfect for us and the 2 kids. It even has space for a man cave and craft room. This also begins the sharing of a room for the girls, but this will work out given that we have an extra room for a play room as well 🙂 I’m truly excited for the home we’ll be living in. It is unfurninshed, which is uncommon for a leased property, but this just means we’ll have a few more of our items from home and it will help us adjust better once they arrive.

I’m sure there is much more to share in that regard, but I have so much more to share as well. Such as Reagan is 1 (as of yesterday!) and walking like a pro. Caitlin is now 3 and just adored meeting the princesses at Disney on her birthday. Reagan says “buh buh” and waves when we’re leaving, she can also give a very gentle high five and blow kisses. Now if only she would sleep through the night! Still have at least one bottle at night, sometimes two if you count 4am. Still working on table food, but she is taking to it more every day. Caitlin’s vocabulary is flourishing and her sentences seems to be move complex everyday. And let me tell you, her opinion grows more each day as well. She is getting so big so fast.

Of course the girls don’t fully understand the move, we’re trying hard to help Caitlin understand it somewhat, but we are fully confident they will adjust, especially as we find new day care and they make new friends. And we all know Caitlin makes friends super fast!

OK, much to do and not much time. Just a quick update for now. More again soon. I leave you with some recent pictures… and I still have more to upload to Flickr!

Caitlin just loved Cinderella:
Hugging Cinderella

With her new favorite princess showing her that they have on the same dress:
You like my dress?

Caitlin with her new BFF (cousin Jocelyn) at Minnie’s House:
What do you see?

Reagan seemed to sleep at lot while we were on vacation:
Sleeping at the park

Happy Caitlin at Disney

Reagan had her own seat on the way back!
Her own seat on the plane!

Reagan’s favorite room in the hotel was the bathroom… silly girl
Reagan's favorite toy

And that is all for now. Birthday pictures from Reagan’s party coming soon.