These are the sounds often heard around our house now with two mobile children. Muffin crawls like a champ now, pulls up to standing and wants to cruise so badly. Strike that. She wants to walk so badly. Watching hurricane Bug run around the house certainly pushes Muffin to her limits.

Muffin is 8 months old now and working on her second set of teeth. I think they are her canines or lateral incisors. Either way she’ll look like she has fangs. It’s been a miserable four days as a result. Fevers, fussiness, discontent, and then of course off and on jealousy from Bug since she is not getting as much attention as she is used to. Fun! The good news is that the teeth seem to be just about ready to poke through and the fussiness is toned down a bit.


Halloween also came and went. Bug was super excited this year and spent much time yelling “Trick or Treat” and “Happy Halloween” at the most random of moments. Too cute. She was quite the princess as well, at least in costume:

She was busy playing chase and hiding:

And with her panda bear sister who kind of looked like a puppy:

Awww, panda!

Now on to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m working on updating Amazon wish lists and getting all our ducks in a row. The next month may bring big news or no news. Time will tell, or rather a few weeks will. Much to potentially divulge when the time is right. Until then I leave you with creepy uncle Nick!