Yesterday evening Bug and I went for a walk. It’s a first time we’ve done this in awhile since the weather had been so variable. We went and saw the neighbor’s dogs, which are bigger than her, but she loves and then proceeded on our way to the park by the pool. The entire way there she talked to me about what she was seeing. It was so cool to hear her observing and telling me about how she perceives the world around her.

Once at the park she really wanted me to climb around and play while I was trying to encourage her to do the same. She wasn’t so into climbing, so she just wandered around underneath the slide, etc, and played. I decided to take a seat on the park bench so that she could play without me hovering. Within seconds she looks up at me with wide eyes. I asked her what was wrong and her response, “Mommy! There a dragon!” I blink a few times at her and then ask her where, “Behind you!” Of course instinct had me turn around to the nothingness behind me and Bug giggled. With that we left to continue on our walk and then home.

Muffin is also developing lightening fast. Her bottom two teeth are pretty much in now and I suspect others will follow shortly. She is a chew-aholic and drools in abundance. Muffin is also very close to figuring out how to crawl. She pushes up into a push-up position and wiggles, but is only just realizing she needs to put her knees down as well. She is also very aware of where rolling gets her and how to spin around on her belly to face other directions/reach things. The worst is when she is sitting on me or the floor and decides to lunge forward, always nearly landing on her face, but clearly after something specific. I think Muffin’s favorite past time is watching her sister. She clearly can’t wait to join her.