As soon as the dust settled from Nick & Andrea’s wedding and family visiting, we were launched into a three day weekend! We didn’t have any concrete plans for Labor Day weekend, mostly just played it by ear.

First major event of the weekend? Muffin broke through her first tooth. Or maybe it’s teeth. Her bottom two teeth are definitely working their way in. Orajel and cold teethers are our friends right now. Fortunately she is still sleeping fairly well despite the teeth.

Saturday found us at the Gahanna Moose Lodge participating in the annual anniversary party. Bug spent most of her time either throwing bean bags at the corn hole boards or ordering people to throw them. She ran around for no less than two hours, yet the 15 minute nap on the car ride home was all she was having as far as naps went that day.

Sunday was a “me” day. We all hung out and had a lazy morning with cartoons and lazing around the living room. Then after lunch and nap Jack whisked the girls off to Grandma Pat’s so I could actually get some stuff done. ‘Stuff’ meaning cleaning out Bug’s closet of clothes that don’t fit and the same with Muffin’s clothes. Bug is more or less a 4T now and shoes are size 10. There is nothing dainty about our 2 ½ year old, although she is on the slim side. However Muffin is gigantor! She is done with 6 – 9 months it seems and blowing past anything that is in the 12 month range. It really just depends on the cut and brand. The shorts she went to school in this morning were size 18 months!!! Hopefully her doctor appt today will provide stats that help me better determine what size she actually is. Such a chunkosaurus our a little baby girl is.

Monday morning it was Columbus Zoo time! I went ahead and finally purchased that family pass I had been mulling over. It covers all trips to the zoo between now and 9/30/2011 for the four of us plus two guests! That’s right; you want into the zoo, hit us up 😉 And being a family with a single stroller that was occupied by Muffin, we went ahead and rented a second for Bug, who thought it was the coolest thing ever and didn’t really want out of it. We managed about 3 hours at the zoo and saw flamingos, penguins, polar bears, a brown bear, the manatees and Bug got to play for a bit at the petting zoo. Polished it off with lunch and a trip to the gift shop where Bug wanted everything in sight, but only for a split second at a time… I want this one… no not that one, this one… ooohhhhh, I want this one! She finally settled on an odd stuffed toy and a purple Mardi Gras looking bead necklace.

Monday afternoon was uneventful, baseball nap for Jack and Muffin, Bug eventually fell asleep in a chair, and then it was hours of silly dancing and using me as a jungle gym. Of course the evening was polished off with college football and Bug yelling “Touchdown!” every two seconds 

Back to school this morning. I’m now doing drop off in the morning, this one being the first, and it was extremely uneventful. No clinging, no crying, just Bug hugging all her friends and giving me a hug and kiss goodbye. Even Muffin was just passing out smiles to everyone left and right before settling in to play. It makes it so much easier knowing they like their day care and teachers.

Back to work for me, I wonder what adventures are in store next?