Today was a BIG day for our little Bug. At day care they’ve been casually working on potty training, but it’s been very low pressure and while she sits she never really does anything. Well today was the day!

Over the weekend she began to tell us that her diaper was dirty without us asking. Huge accomplishment and a far cry from “I no poop.” I indicated to Jack that I thought serious potty training was in the very near future. Then I picked her up at day care today. She was in her spare clothes. Uh oh, what happened? They were quick to let me know that she had ot be changed because she actually PEE’D IN THE POTTY and accidentally got part of her dress. I’ve never heard a better reason for her to be in her spare clothes. I was so excited I even called daddy on the way home. Yes, I am indeed a proud mama. Now let’s just hope it’s the start of a trend.

Someday Bug may kill me for this entry, but she’ll understand when she has a toddler of her own. I can’t wait to be back down to one in diapers and I’m sure my bank account is excited as well.

There is a baby chewing on my knee. I think that means it’s dinner time…