Yikes! It’s been more than two months. How did that happen? I guess time gets away from you when you have a 2.5 year old and a 6 month old.

So what’s new?

~ Muffin rolls around like it’s going out of style. Look away and she’ll be across the room.
~ Bug asks more questions every day and responds more often (with answers that make sense) when asked questions
~ Bug transitioned to Toddler II today!!!! Such a big girl, next fall it will be preschool.
~ Muffin is eating solids. She now has rice cereal and baby food of some sort daily. She seems to like the high chair.
~ Bug loves to play with Muffin. She likes to show her how things work.
~ Bug also likes to trad toys with Muffin. She knows that if she takes one from her she must give on in return. Admittedly I have to sometimes remind her of this rule.
~ Bug loves tickling Muffin, it cracks me up probably more than it does Muffin.
~ We have spent many weekend mornings at the splash park, play grounds, touching trucks, and trying to to outdoorsy stuff before it gets too hot in the day. I can’t wait for fall and evening walks or trips to the play ground.
~ Bug is almost ready for some serious potty training. Day car has already started the process, but she is starting to give us signs that she may actually be almost ready for really giving it a go.
~ Muffin is gigantic. Official stats on the 7th.

And I’m sure there is much, much more. For now I will share a funny moment from the weekend:

Bug was sitting on my lap watching a movie, Muffin was rolling around on the floor next to us. Muffin kept touching Bug and Bug would get upset. Bug finally was over it and went to stand up and go sit on the couch. In doing so she banged her head as hard as a toddler possibly could on the underside of my chin. my head may still be reverberating. As much as it hurt me, it hurt her as well and tears were flowing. I went to give her a hug and she said, ‘No mommy! You hurt Caitlin! NO THANK YOU!!!’ and went to daddy for a hug. Then cam back to me and again say ‘No thank you, mommy. No hurt’. I felt horrible, but started laughing anyway because of how adorable she was when angry. Clearly she thought I did something on purpose when she actually did it to herself, btu I apologize anyway and gave her a gigantic hug. Silly Bug.

And I leave you with these:

6 months

Sunday play time

Woah! What is this contraption?!

Regression? She insisted on hanging out in Reagan's car seat