Because I am better at 1450 characters or less: Bug & Muffin. I’m thinking about rebranding this blog ‘Bug & Muffin’ as well. What do you think? HOw cute would a banner be with a cartoon muffin and bug talking? Although I worry that Caitlin someday will wonder why she got stuck with ‘Bug’ (which I think is adorable) instead of something more cute and cuddly like ‘Muffin.’

And a little catch up. I’ve been world traveller as of later with trips for work to Chicago, England and Germany, but am home for at least a few months now which I’m hoping means more frequent posts. If not, I continue to promise pictures on Flick rand random Tweets.

Memorial day weekend found us full of fun. Sunday included 2 hours of craziness at a local park for Gavin’s second birthday and Monday was our first adventure to a movie in a theater with Caitlin.

Water Park!!!!

Water Park

Water Park

Water Park

More on Flickr. I have a feeling we will be frequenting that park often this summer 🙂

And about that movie, it was Shrek Forever After. Caitlin did a fairly good job given her age of just over 2 years. We went to an early showing (10am) to minimize the risk of irritating others. When we first got there Caitlin went straight to the arcade and sat in a driving game. That likely would have occupied her for hours, but I managed to pull her away about 10 minutes before the movie was starting. When we got in the theater she looked very confused. We climbed about half way up and sat down. We had a friend meet us there with her 6 yr old, hoping that would aid in the experience, and the only other people that showed up had a little boy that was probably Caitlin’s age and then another that was even younger.

Caitlin watched the previews no problem. She got through half of Shrek with no issues as well, but at that point she was ready to explore. Top row, all the way to the corner, that was her seat of choice. Then it was the opposite corner and then back down to mom to try and score some M&Ms. She did manage to get about 10 – 15 out of me. She would watch the movie, turn around and like Boo in Monsters,Inc she would go “Umm”, I would hand her one, she would smile and squeal and go back to Shrek for two or three minutes before asking for another one. It was cute, but led to a slightly rabid Bug before nap time.

All in all the movie was cute, it mostly held her attention and I think she enjoyed the experience. Given her love for Donkey it was just something we had to do. I think she’ll get to go to Toy Story 3 as well in the theater, but can’t think of any others in the foreseeable future. Ongoing it’ll definitely be a special treat. Then again, she is free into the movies right now…

As I type I hear a Raga-muffin rolling around in her bouncer. Almost feeding time. Off to feed the baby and find out why on earth Bug is actually sleeping in until past 8! Something is amiss!