As you may or may not know, I returned to work from maternity leave this week. Returning included a last minute trip to Chicago for Sales Negotiation training. I left Tuesday afternoon and will get home really late on Thursday. Here is the e-mail Jack sent me today, he said I could share 🙂

Alright, well last night was interesting to say the least. Feel free to add this to the blog.

We kept Caitlin up until 8:35p. I had to get a purple nightgown out of the dryer because the first two PJ choices were soundly rejected as they did not contain enough purple.

Beforehand, we watched Horton while Caitlin ate dinner (didn’t touch the hot dog) and then during the final part of the movie, grandma had to stand behind the couch, and I had to stand in the corner near mommy’s spinning wheel. If either of us moved, Caitlin babbled “no grandma” or “no daddy” and proceeded to then take us by the hand and lead us back to our spots. I was holding Reagan the whole while because she wouldn’t be calm for grandma.

After Horton, I turned on the Yankees game because Caitlin ignores the TV when baseball is on, and she and grandma played a bit and then read books for a good 20 minutes. By this time I had given Reagan a bottle and gotten her to sleep. Reagan was o-u-t. I put Reagan in the bouncer, got mom on a computer to check her email, and took Caitlin up to bed.

Caitlin fell asleep pretty quick and by 8:55p I was back downstairs, where grandma was holding a fussy Reagan and trying to still check email. Reagan’s binky, which I had left in her mouth when I took Caitlin up, was gone. I took Reagan and tried to get her to calm down while grandma looked for the binky – which had completely vaporized. When looked for the damn thing for 35 minutes. We tore the room up, so much so that I had to run the vacuum because searching through the couch cushions was gross. Caitlin luckily slept through the noise.

I finally convinced grandma that the binky had not gone upstairs with Caitlin or me, and got her to retrace her steps from when she picked Reagan up out of the bouncer. I quickly find the binky in the glider chair, wedged down between the chair and the right hand arm rest. How in the world Reagan managed to spit it out and have it land there, I have no idea. Quite the feat!

By this time it’s 9:40p and I don’t have any bottles washed or made for the night. Reagan is a fussy mess, so I walk and bounce her while grandma washes the bottles. At 10:10 the bottles are washed and grandma alludes that she may have forgotten to set her DVR to record “The Good Wife” which has just started on CBS. I tell grandma to go home. Reagan is calm and starting to drift off. I have not watched LOST, but have sort of seen a Yankees victory. Grandma leaves and I have Reagan back in the bouncer and asleep by 10:20p.

I go and make the bottles for the overnight and gather the trash and take it to the bin in the garage. The Malibu is parked in there and it’s weird. Anyway, Reagan is still out. I turn of the vibration on the bouncer and watch LOST, expecting Reagan to be up for a bottle around 11:35p.

At 11:40p I have finished a very good episode of LOST and Reagan is still conked out. I watch a pretty funny interview between Letterman and Russell Crowe (who the captioning person keeps calling Russell Coup). At Midnight I finally attempt to give Reagan a bottle and she pretty much sleeps through it. At 12:17 we head up to bed. I put Reagan on the white pillow and position mommy’s pillows as a wall so she doesn’t somehow slide out of bed. Reagan is swaddled with both arms inside the blanket and is snoring. I pass out in about 3 minutes.

At 3:35, Reagan is snorting loudly, as only Reagan can, and is trying to get an arm out of her swaddling. Her eyes are WIDE open. She has pretty much been asleep for almost five hours with the small exception of the Midnight bottle.

I pick her up and take her downstairs, where I start her bottle and go to change her diaper. She is TOASTY warm. I take her out of the footy onesie to cool her down and reswaddle her, then give her a bottle. She sucks it down in 5 seconds. She is even more wide awake than ever.

We exchange smiles and coos and walk and bounce. At 5am she is back asleep in the bouncer. I drift off on the couch and probably get another 25 minutes of sleep. At 6am, Reagan is back awake wanting another bottle. Caitlin has been asleep the entire time.

Now the fun begins! Reagan takes her 6am bottle and then begins to fuss for the first time since grandma left! She is one unhappy little girl. She is still unhappy at 6:45. Daddy has not made her bottles for daycare! Daddy has not gotten dressed! Daddy has not woken up Caitlin or gotten her ready!

We go up to the bedroom and I put Reagan on the bed, propped up against my pillows. She immediately calms down. I get dressed and go and wake up Caitlin. Reagan is still calm. Caitlin does not want to wake up. I get Reagan’s clothes and Caitlin’s clothes ready and then with Reagan in arm, take everything downstairs. The daycare bottles are still not made. Matt Lauer is talking to me.

I stick Reagan in the bouncer and go to and pick up Caitlin, who is still not wanting to wake up. Reagan is in the bouncer and is starting to flail her limb about wildly. I make Caitlin some juice and cut up a cereal bar. Caitlin climbs into the rocker and starts to nosh. I am forced to turn away from Matt Lauer and to Handy Manny. Sigh.

I pick Reagan up and put her in a new onesie and some socks. She is ticked. I put her back in the bouncer and give her blue and green elephant to bat at. She calms down. Caitlin has finished her cereal bar and is zoned out by the fire safety lesson Handy Manny is teaching his tools.

I go and make the bottles for daycare and get Reagan’s sheet ready. It is now 7:20. I tell Caitlin is is time to get dressed and she throws a fit! “no daddy! no dressed!” I pick her up out of the rocker and she goes limp, her first favorite type of tantrum, the one I call “MLK Jr” because it is the one of peaceful Resistance.

I gather up Caitlin’s wet noodle like frame and tell her that if she doesn’t want to get dressed, then I get to have her binky. This negotiating tactic has worked, and Caitlin gets dressed without further trouble. I have also been able to turn on “Shaun The Sheep” away from Manny who is lame.

Caitlin is dressed! Shoes on! The purple shirt I picked out has been approved on first glance! She is good to go! Reagan however, is now screaming her little head off. It is 7:34.

At 7:41 after some walking and bouncing, Reagan is suddenly once again asleep. I put her in her carrier and she doesn’t wake up. I take both girls downstairs and put them in the car without incident. It is all going smooth as silk. There is light traffic and no train on the way to daycare. Caitlin is happily listening to “Spaceman” by The Killers and Reagan is still dozing. I am bracing for the second shoe to drop.

Get to daycare and getting the girls out of the car and into the building is effortless. I am becoming more and more nervous about what will go wrong. We take Caitlin to her room and all the kids want to see the baby, who is still asleep. Caitlin immediately heads them off, puts her hands on her hips and says “babble, babble, no, babble, no, my baby!” This does not deter the toddlers and I place Reagan and her carrier up on the counter where only Caitlin can really reach.

Miss Heather has gotten out a bucket of animals. All toddlers are off the baby subject and are happily tossing plastic animals around the room. I have decided that since Reagan is asleep to spend a few more minutes with Caitlin in the room.

Caitlin has other plans. I am suddenly pushed at the knees and told “you go daddy. bye bye!” I lean over and ask for a bye bye kiss. I am granted my request and told again “bye bye”.

I take Reagan to her room. She is the first infant to arrive. It is 7:58.

Reagan is still asleep and so I attempt to put her in the crib. BINGO! We’re awake! Hi daddy!

I take Reagan over to a bouncer and put her in, lean over and give her a kiss. She is calm for the moment. I spend a few minutes making sure she’s ok, and she seems to be too interested in the new surroundings to be upset by them. I lean over, give her a kiss and make my exit.

Day one down.