Purple reigns supreme in our house right now. How so? It is the ONLY color Caitlin wants to wear. This started I believe on Tuesday and has not let up. So much so that we went through at least three different purple tops today alone. Here is how it all began:

Tuesday morning Jack brings down a cute t-shirt for Caitlin to wear. She is not paying much attention to me or the shirt as I get her dressed. Said shirt is light blue with boom boxes in various colors printed across the front. Cool, right? WRONG! She looks at me after about 5 minutes of wearing the shirt and says “Don’t want!” while tugging on her shirt. I give her a very puzzled look, “You don’t want to wear that shirt?” “No! Don’t Want! I don’t want it, mommy! Purple.” I can’t make the period after the word “purple” any more final or matter-of-fact. So off i went to find her a purple shirt not thinking much of it. That night the PJs went without a hitch, maybe it was the purple butterflies on the green/white striped night gown?

Wednesday and Thursday morning led to more of the same “Purple shirt!” talk in the morning. Wednesday night included a fight for purple PJs, of which we have a single night gown which is 2T in size, not 3T. I went with the 2T night gown. The problem is that we only have three of four truly purple shirts for her and I don’t do laundry for her everyday, more like every 5 days or so. And as noted, she has a single night gown that is purple and it is really a size too small. This left me to question, is this a battle I wish to fight or should I bite the bullet and go shopping? On Thursday Reagan and I headed to the mall…

We did emerge slightly victorious! Thankfully most kid’s clothing stores sell basics very cheap and typically the more you buy the more you save (lots of 2 for or buy one get one deals). In the end I believe we ended up buying her 4 or 5 more purple shirts, a pair of purple shorts and then a couple other non-purple items that I thought I could get her to wear (pair of jean shorts and a pair of capris). Of course the fight Friday morning was WHICH purple shirt she wanted to wear *sigh*.

I was also smart in that I bought them in 4T so that should this phase last awhile the shirt will fit for more than a few months.

Yeah, purple. The bane of my existence right now. To the extent that it causes tantrums if we don’t get just the right shirt. So if anyone out there is looking to send Caitlin something ( 🙂 ), purple shirts and PJs are needed, size 4T…

This is one battle I’m not fighting, at least it’s not like my friends niece who insisted on wearing a bathing suit under her clothes for three years.

Oh yeah, and Reagan is a huge little girl. 2 month stats, she is tracking ahead of Caitlin at that same age:

Height: 24.5 inches
Weight: 13 lbs 7.5 ozs

My girls will be over 6 feet tall. just call me shorty at 5’11”.

Almost feeding time, see ya!