I keep meaning to blog, but keep not having time. Latest updates:

~ Caitlin has been sick off and on. Sunday night found us dealing in puke. It actually first occurred at lunch time. She ate, she puked in a toy baby crib (talk about convenient clean-up… trash!) and then was completely fine. No fever, no other symptoms. The rest of the day was fine, she went to see Grandma Pat, came home, played, had dinner, went to bed relatively easy, all seemed normally other than slight congestion left from her cold. Then 1am rolled around. She came into our room as she sometimes does, but she seemed more groggy than usual. I told her to climb up on the bed and then she started coughing, but it didn’t sound quite right. That’s because it included puke! Ugh. Thankfully it was not that bad and Jack and I were able to clean her up quickly and our bed was mostly spared. Of course we still had to clean her bed as that was what woke her up.

Jack cleaned up her bed (love sac) while I bathed her as it was in her hair, etc. With it being 1am it was also Reagan’s feeding time, ahhh! So I managed to get Caitlin’s bedding into the washer while Jack went to feed Reagan. Then it was cuddle time with Caitlin to get her back to sleep. I think by the time both kids were taken care of it was 3am, and of course I was up again at 5am to feed Reagan. Life as a parent of two!

Caitlin is fine now. She had one more episode at day care yesterday, but was not sent home as again she had no other symptoms. She has been fine ever since. Maybe it was all the drainage in her stomach from the lingering cold that cause the mess?

~ We are also working on weaning the binky from all day time activities. We started a bit this past weekend. The largest problem is that she loves the darn thing. If she doesn’t have it, she’ll ask for it unless otherwise distracted. She also knows where we keep them in the kitchen so we’ve moved the storing place. Since she was slightly under the weather we took it easy on her and gave in often, but not after making her ask multiple times. Before we decided not to take a hard stance she got pretty sad. When she got sad she crawled into the tv stand…


Note the baby doll and bunny. She didn’t go in there alone. And here she is when she decided we weren’t so evil afterall:

Suddenly she's over it!

We’ll continue to try again this weekend on the binky weaning. Hopefully Reagan is not as addicted, so far she’s really hit or miss with it.

~ Reagan had her 1 month appt today.. stats!

weight: 11lbs 5 oz (prev 8lbs 5 oz)- 97th percentile
height: 23 3/4 inches (prev 21 inches)- over 97th percentile… by a lot.
head circumference: 37.6 cm (prev 35 cm)- 60th percentile

Definitely a growing baby. Makes even more sense now that it seems like she is eating all the time, I think she is!

~ During today’s appointment I agreed to have my info given to a couple that also has a little one affected by amniotic banding syndrome. They have a brand new baby boy that apparently had banding almost identical to Caitlin’s, his fingers are nubs, but he has a fully functional thumb for the most part. His parents are apparently absolutely devastated and are having a very hard time with it. Of course Jack and I understand how emotional it is, yet our pediatrician felt that we handled it very well and could offer a lot by just talking to this couple or maybe even meeting them along with Caitlin. I, personally, think this would be fantastic as Caitlin would show them that it has not held her back at all and that it really is OK. She doesn’t know the difference and continues to amaze us every day with how much she can do. Honestly, we don’t even think about her hand or consider it because she uses it all the time. We even had a family friend taht didn’t notice until a year after knowing Caitlin! I really hope the couple calls.

~ Lastly, I’m going to try a project for April. I’m going to try and do daily pictures of the girls. I don’t know that I’ll post them here everyday, but the will go on Flickr. If you already have me on Flickr and are on my “approved” list you will see them. If you are not a contact on Flickr, or are not approve, let me know and likely we can fix that. This is like my own little 365 Day project for our daughters, but we’ll be doing 30 days. Sometimes together, sometimes apart, we’ll see how it turns out.

And now back to my Dead Like Me marathon…