Yesterday marked one month for Reagan. How quickly did that go by??? It seems that having two kids makes time fly even faster…

Reagan is doing fantastic. She is now sleeping in 3 hour spurts for the most part (which aligns with her feedings), we’ve seen no signs of reflux (hooray!) and she seems to love to cuddle as much as her sister did and still does. That said, they clearly have their differences even at this early age. For instance, Caitlin preferred bouncing when she needed to be soothed, Reagan prefers to be rocked. So minor, yet so significant!

Speaking of Caitlin, despite a recent cold, she is also doing very well. She is like a parrot repeating words we say as of late, but I think she is learning a lot too. It’s funny what she picks up on. Like if we ask her if she’s OK she’ll respond, but she’ll also then proceed to ask if we’re OK and then when we say we are she’ll say something like “mommy ok!” So cute.

We took them both to the park this last weekend and gave Caitlin some outside time, now that the weather is improving, to run around and go nuts. While she enjoyed playing on the playground equipment, she liked running around in the picnic area with the tables just as much if not more. Of course this lead to an easy bed time that night, she wore herself out well.

And now what everyone is waiting for: Reagan’s 1 month picture. And yes, that is the same bear as Caitlin’s, but in white. I did good! 🙂

1 Month: Bear!

And for kicks… the girls at 1 month:

1 Month- DeVoss Girls

And now it’s feeding time! See ya!