Noon today pretty much marks the completion of our first week at home with two children. I must say, it’s had it’s challenges, but nowhere near on par with what I possibly expected. Reagan sleeps like a champ more often than not and Caitlin either ignores her or looks at her with curiosity. I think once Reagan is more interactive Caitlin will show much more interest.

The largest challenge we’ve had, beyond being exhausted as expected, is my ability to breast-feed. I’m still trying and Reagan is still latching more often than not, but I think the supply is indeed low and we continue to supplement when she doesn’t seem full. A prime example is that I was up from 2am – 3am last night feeding her and she was still hungry. Yes, I nursed for the better part of an hour and she still had room in her tummy. Jack supplemented with a 2oz bottle which she downed in no time (you’d think she hadn’t eaten all day). I’m going to keep trying, but if the supply doesn’t increase soon she may be a bottle fed baby. And yes, before you tell me there is nothing wrong with that and that plenty of us survived on formula (such as me, Jack and Caitlin), there are inherent health benefits to Reagan and I if I can breast-feed which is why this is so important to me. So don’t discourage me!

The good news is that her first stretch of sleep each evening is about 4 – 5 hours which means if I go to bed when she does I get a good amount of sleep before waking her up to feed her and then getting a few hours more. Some nights she goes right back to sleep, other nights, like last night, she is up for 3 hours before she sleeps again.

Caitlin is still hit or miss when it comes to sleeping through the night right now. We think we’re past the second year molars, but now with the new baby in the house it seems she wakes up and wants to snuggle. Jack was in her room for an hour last night and then came back to bed just in time for me to feed Reagan. I took her downstairs, but he didn’t sleep and instead gave her the supplemental bottle since I was so exhausted and then spent 45 minutes rocking her back to sleep. I think Jack slept maybe 3 hours last night. He;s running himself ragged right now trying to take care of everything so I can focus on Reagan, but I need to figure out how to get him some downtime before he loses his mind.

The only other real challenge I am having is lack of time to cuddle with Caitlin. I miss cuddling with my Bug. Typically when she gets home form day care I am nursing, then it is time for Caitlin to eat, so I try and have dinner with her in the kitchen. Then Jack eats, so I am covered in baby again while Caitlin runs around, but it’s hard to play with her when you are attached to a newborn. I try to get a few snuggles just before she heads to bed, however it’s been a little difficult to balance it all out. I’m sure it will all come together in time, especially as Reagan continues to grow.

All in all, though, our chaotic family unit is doing well. We knew the first month or so would be insane while we figured it out, yet I think so far we are managing very well. I do question how Jack wants 3 more when two is proving to be incredibly busy. Maybe he was thinking he’d hire help? 🙂

Tomorrow Kerry is coming over with Gavin and we’re having a “play date”. Really it’s adult time and we have some catching up to do. Pregnancy was tough on me (since I never felt well) and we haven’t hung out nearly as much as we should be. I look forward to the BFF time.

Reagan is currently sleeping, again, so I’d better take advantage of the time to get a few things done since I plan to nap with her this afternoon.