Ok, so more like 23 at this point. Induction is imminent. Baby is imminent. Our worlds are about to be rocked. Today we are three, tomorrow we will be four. That’s a little surreal to think about right now.

The last appointment confirmed no progress in a week. Which validates my last post about not being overly optimistic. Not only was I still only about 2cm dilated, the doctor pretty much couldn’t get to my cervix because Reagan had it pulled up and behind her. As you guessed from my opening statement, we are inducing on Monday.

So much to do today:
~ Finish cleaning up our room so I can move the bassinet to where I want it
~ Make sure the laundry is all caught up
~ Make sure my hospital bag is packed with everything I need
~ Make sure we have everything packed and ready for day care tomorrow
~ Catch up the dishes and vacuum the living room (MIL staying with Bug for a few days)
~ Grocery shop, can’t be without food when I get home on Wednesday! (I think that is when I will be home)
~ And most importantly, spoil Caitlin rotten on her last day as an only child

We’re going to try and bring Caitlin to the hospital twice while there depending on how labor & delivery goes. As long as Reagan arrives before day care is out tomorrow she should be able to visit Monday evening and Tuesday evening. I think this will help the transition and make her miss mommy a little less for a few days. Jack will also be heading home in the evenings for bedtime per our usual routine so that she has that normalcy still too. Then Wednesday will be the big day that she gets to come home and see the baby at home. And I know, EVERY ONE says it will be fine. And I’m not worried about that. However EVERY ONE needs to admit that it could be one of a million reactions which no one at this point knows.

Let the fun begin…