Remember back when I first found out I was pregnant? You know, the date disaster? I thought I was due the 27th, then we thought March 5th and adjusted back to the 27th again based on how Reagan was measuring? I’m now really beginning to wonder…

Doctor appointment in 4 hours and counting. Yes, I am up early. I couldn’t sleep. No, it’s not because I am in labor. It’s because I couldn’t sleep.

Have I mentioned yet that we’re supposed to get another snow storm on Monday. Did you hear me, M-O-N-D-A-Y! Yeah, that day I was going to induce. Not that I am going to plan my pregnancy and giving birth around the inconsistent weather of Ohio, but that is just exceptionally convenient. I’d bet money that if I induce Monday and we have the storm that it’s the last snow of the winter. Just because.

I don’t expect much form the appointment today. I think that’s been part of the issue. All my false hopes: ‘The last one came earlier so the likelihood is that this one will too!’, ‘If your water broke last time the chances are high that it will again this time!’, ‘Oooh, 2cm dilated, maybe we’ll be delivering this weekend’… that was a week ago. My bets are that I’m no more dilated than I was a week ago and the progress is zilch. Call it what you will, but the optimist in me can’t take it anymore!

Baby is kicking and my stomach is grumbling, must mean it’s time for breakfast.