Still no baby. When I went to my appointment last week I was 1, maybe 2, centimeters dilated, but without contractions that doesn’t mean much. I worked from home last Friday since I felt so horrible and have been working from home all week this week. Good choice on my part as how I feel at this stage tends to fluctuate fairly rapidly throughout the day.

I will say I had a burst of energy yesterday that led to wrapping up some preparation for Reagan. Nesting much?
Someone is nesting

I just need to vacuum our bedroom carpet and move the bassinet and all is set. Well, with the exception of her having arrived yet! And the crazy thing is it keeps snowing, it keeps getting icy out, we keep having inconvenient appointments that we expect her to interrupt and she just doesn’t. She has had every opportunity to mess up our schedules and chosen not to. Which means we may induce next week. Tomorrow is my next,m and likely last, doctor appointment. I’ve been given the option to induce on Monday and will likely take it. I know this is a very controversial topic, but it is the choice of Jack and I. We had to induce with Caitlin (water broke, no contractions) and I’m honestly not concerned about the likelihood of doing it again. I was scared of it previously, however not so much this time around. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Earlier this week was Caitlin’s two year doctor appointment. She is now 37.5 inches tall (over 97th percentile still) and her weight was slightly more than 29 lbs (around 82nd percentile). I didn’t get her head measurement, but I recall it being in the 50th percentile, which is normal for Caitlin. The doctor also confirmed that her second year molars are about half way in. Poor Bug. The only big next thing is weaning off the binkie (it’s well past time and this will not be fun) and then a visit to the eye doctor. We’re doing the eye doctor thing a bit earlier than most due to my history of lazy eye and poor eye sight at a very young age. However it doesn’t look like, at least from a lazy eye perspective, we have much to worry about.

Caitlin’s vocabulary and words continue to explode. She and Gavin had quite the conversation last weekend between the living room and kitchen, which mostly consisted of her telling him “No Thank You!” every time he babbled something at her. Very funny, even Gavin was laughing. She is also great at transposing sentences so they make sense when she repeats them. This to me is amazing. For instance, last night I was hiding from her and I said “Where is mommy?” to which she replied for the other room “Where are you mommy?” I know this stuff is normal, but watching her language skills develop is just amazing to me. She has more and more sentences every day. The only downfall is that when she’s being extra cute because she wants something she whispers in a little girl voice and you can never understand her 🙂

Hmm, think I’m off now to find some red raspberry tea leaf and see if that gets this baby that’s taken up permanent residence inside me moving. I really would prefer she do this on her own and therefore avoid posting an eviction notice on my belly. I knwo its warm and all in there, but it can’t be comfortable anymore!