So I’ve been a bad blogger lately. A very bad blogger. I’ve composed many in my head, but just not gotten around to getting them online.

First and foremost, Caitlin turned two yesterday! It was a very uneventful birthday in the sense that we just made her spaghetti (which she loves), had a bath to remove the orange coloring from her dinner and let her watch a movie (Madagascar), but it was perfect for us. We were supposed to have a party the prior weekend, but snowmageddon 2010 and a power outage pretty much ruined that. Although it did lead to her getting almost a present a day for the week around her birthday. And we did still imbibe in cupcakes. So all was not lost.

Caitlin is continuing to amaze me more every day. As of late Jack has been driving me to work so I go with them for drop off at day care and wait in the car. Yesterday in the cutest little voice I got a “Bye Mommy, love you” and it just melted my heart. She has more and more words and little sentences every day and more comprehension than sometimes I even expect. All of which will be very helpful as get very close to baby arrival.

One of Caitlin’s current favorites, her purple hightop converse. I can’t get her to wear any other shoes at this point. The only exception was her boots when we went out to play in the snow. I think if they had been purple there would have been no fight. Such a little hipster.

In baby news, tomorrow marks 38 weeks. I’m pretty much in the run down, tired and feeling pretty awful phase of pregnancy. a few weeks ago was a tough one, last week I felt some reprieve, the baby had moved back up a bit, and then the last several days I’ve felt like complete and utter crap, last night taking the cake due to sour stomach, minor contractions and what seemed like a fever since I kept going from boiling hot to shivering cold. Needless to say I am ready for Miss Reagan to be here. It’s February and past Caitlin’s birthday, those were the only two conditions I needed met, game on! Let the baby arrive!

I have a doctor appt in 30 minutes, we’ll see if any progress has been made. Two weeks ago I was not dilated, but the doctor could feel the baby’s head. Last week I likely wasn’t dilated, but it was hard to tell as baby had moved back up and taken my cervix with her. I’m hoping for some really good news today, like can feel baby’s head and dilated! I can feel that she’s moved back down again so at least one of those should be true.

Speaking of the doctor appt, I likely should be on my way. I’ll try to blog more moving forward, It’ll just depend on how I’m feeling physically, when the baby arrives and how much free time I have once she is here. Which better be soon 🙂