Last night was definitely a first with a toddler. I think my 3 or 4 hours of sleep agree with that statement. Caitlin went to bed with much struggle at 8pm. This is par for the course as of late. She is completely accommodating when going up the stairs, hugs & kisses goodnight for everyone, but once you reach the top of the stairs, GAME ON. Then it is a 30 – 90 minute struggle to get her to sleep. So went the game last night. Nothing new.

Fast forward to sometime between 1 and 2am. I hear her rolling around. A few little cries come through the monitor, but I assume she’s lost her binky and found it as the cries stop. A few minutes pass, I hear her say “mommy”, but nothing else. Then a series of coughs. Odd, she doesn’t have a cold right now and hasn’t coughed all evening. About 5 minutes of silence pass before she starts calling for me again and it sounds liek she may start crying so I go in her room. She’s awake, rolling around and trying to get comfy. I start to lay down next to her when I put my hand in something wet. Yes… wet. I think she’s maybe drooled, but then I look and the smell, oh the smell, hits me. She’s thrown up. And this is not the little baby spit-up formula type deal, this is real honest to God puke. Gross. And it’s all over my hand. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

I rush to her bathroom, turn on the light and proceed to wash my hand and grab washcloths. Jack here’s the commotion and comes running in. Now it wasn’t massive amounts, thankfully, but it was enough to put my gag reflex to the test. I cleaned up the Movie Sac (her bed of choice) while Jack stripped her down and cleaned her up. Movie Sac cover made it to the washer while Caitlin stood there in just a diaper shivering. I finished cleaning up her hair while daddy went to get a cup of water for her. Once cleaned up we wrapped her up in a blanket and cuddle. Our poor little Bug. The whole time Jack was cleaning her she just kept saying “Yuck!”

Off to our bed we went. It was after 2am at this point and she was wide awake, feeling better and wanting to play. Her body was cool as a cucumber, no sign of illness. So there I was awake until 4am. I’m certain she fell asleep between 3:15 and 3:30, but then the other one (being Reagan) decided it was her turn to be awake. I gave up and went downstairs for a bit. I came back to bed, reclaimed the portion of the bed that was mine (toddlers own all, right?) and crashed. I woke up with Caitlin half on me and half off me. I got out of bed at 6am and she never knew.

This morning was Pedialyte and toast just in case. She took her time with both, but seemed to have an appetite, was still cool to the touch and, honestly, being the sweetest little girl you could ever imagine. I think she realized how awesome her parents are last night since we came to the rescue and she got to sleep in the big bed.

There you have it. Caitlin’s first throwing up event fully documented on the internet for everyone to read. Two weekends ago it was her first bloody nose (the house is very dry) and now her first puke. Whatever could be in store for us next?