I know I never posted a Christmas Part 2. Check out Flickr, which will pretty much sum it up. Caitlin spent most of the evening trying to give Nick shots 🙂 The following day she had a few more presents and wouldn’t even look at them she was so tired of Christmas. I’ll bet she’s recovered, though, by her birthday.

Now on to the intended subject: I keep getting asked if we are having a baby shower for Reagan or not. Currently the answer is no, unless someone has something planned that I am unaware of. We have everything left from when Caitlin was a newborn and really there is not much we need. Here is what we do need:

• A new bassinet since Caitlin’s was recalled shortly after we transitioned her to her crib… for a full refund!
• Diapers. Tons of diapers. We use Pampers Swaddlers.
• Bottles, since we wore Caitlin’s out pretty good
• Maybe a new diaper pail. After almost 2 years ours is a wee bit stinky.

That’s really it, maybe some new clothes (very few), maybe a few more swaddling blankets… maybe. Rather than anyone buying us anything in particular, if you insist on a gift send us a Babies R’ Us gift certificate. That is where we are buying the bassinet from. Or a gift card to Giant Eagle since that’s where all the diapers (and potentially formula) will come from. Trust me, we really don’t need anything and don’t expect anything. All we really want is another healthy baby girl that’s just as crazy as her sister (although Jack may disagree on the crazy part).

And that’s about it…