So as we all know, slightly over a year ago while I was in Europe on business Caitlin discovered how to climb stairs. She just had to wait for mommy to be out of town. Well this year while I was gone again in Europe (same timing in November) she figured out how to climb out of her crib from the lowest setting, much to the chagrin of daddy. She spent the whole time I was gone sleeping in “the big bed” as she either missed mommy or was sick of her crib.

This has carried over in the following weeks to the extent that last week we removed the front of her crib which makes it a toddler bed. She sleeps in it part time and in the movie sac (see part time. Since we have a big furry cover on the movie sac I think she is impartial too it as it keeps her warm and envelopes her a little.

Anyway, so what does that have to do with her being a stair master? She figured that out last year, right? Well, as of this past weekend she goes DOWN all stairs alone. Not to say she hasn’t been working on getting down them fairly well on her own anyway, but now I don’t worry about her getting down them without assistance. She either bounces down them on her little butt or turns on her belly and slides down them (feet first, not head first). This excites me to no end with baby #2 being fairly imminent and the better she is at getting up and down the stairs without being carried the better. And she is pretty much there except when she is really sleepy.

We’re working on the same with hand holding to and from the car at school. I think for daddy she does a great job in the morning of holding his hand and walking in, but leaving school she just wants to run and go through the doors and be crazy in the parking lot. Very much a work in progress, but I am confident that by the time Reagan is ready to attend day care Caitlin will be much better at pick up time with holding mommy’s hand and walking to the car without me needing to also chase her down.

What else? Oh yeah, if you ask Caitlin to shake her booty she does a crazy little dance. t’s hysterical. How I love that little girl.

I’m officially in my last trimester now. Slightly over 28 weeks. The holidays will be over soon, the new year will be upon us and little Reagan will be here before we all know it. I better start getting the house ready! So much to do.