Had I posted yesterday it likely would’ve been titled “First Haircut Tomorrow” and The text would’ve read simply ” And I’m scared to death. Several months ago I attempted to trim Caitlin’s bangs and it was a nightmare. She screamed and cried, I wanted to cry, Jack was trying to keep her calm… it was all around traumatizing. Well the time had come again for a trim and I was not about to try and do it. Jack pulled out the scissors earlier in the week and thought about it, but when she saw them she expressed her displeasure and I concurred. So Cookie Cutters it was!

I called yesterday and made an appointment for 9:40 this morning. I told them I was a little nervous for them and her given my last experience. They assured me there were plenty of distraction techniques.

We arrived probably 15 – 20 minutes early to give her time to adjust to the new setting this morning. The hairdresser was actually already available. We sat Caitlin in a pink car and belted her in. There were stickers on the floor of the car and she was very excited about them. OK, all is fine so far. On went the cape to protect her clothes and over came a basket of toys. She was very preoccupied. Interesting. We started with the bangs and agreed that if she flipped out it was all we would do. Spray bottle, comb, scissors approaching, she looked up a little confused, made an unhappy face and then… WENT BACK TO PLAYING! Her bangs were trimmed in less than 2 minutes and we opted to trim the rest to clean it up. She never even noticed. She even held still enough to have a braid put in on the side. Unbelievable. Sighs of relief all around and a pink balloon to go. We officially survived our first hair cut!

Running around with her newly acquired balloon

Since the hair cut went so well we decided to go out for breakfast. And here comes the and more…

We were at Bob Evans. As it was not a planned stop I did not have a sippy cup. We ordered apple juice and she was playing with the straw in the cup. We’ve tried a few times to get her to use a straw, but to no avail. Today we turned that corner. She kept dipping the straw in and out of the juice trying to get a sip. We put one end of the straw in the cup, the other in her mouth and start making sucking noises. She tries, almost gets it and then pulls the straw out. She plays a little more and we try again. This time she gets the juice! And that was that. She drank the entire cup of apple juice due to her new discovery.

Off to the mall we went. She and daddy played in the big play area (another first) while I took care of a quick shopping errand. When I came to find them she was running around just as crazy as the rest. Clearly in heaven.

Big day of firsts and it’s only half over. This afternoon will include play time with Gavin. We’ll see if anything else amazing happens, you know it’s bound to.