Friday evening Caitlin did the cutest thing… with a little prompting from mommy. After a day of cuddling and not feeling so hot (both of us were home feeling icky) Caitlin was finally up and playing before bed. As it crept closer to 8pm she came over to climb on my lap. I smiled at her and moved my shirt up over my belly and asked if she wanted to say “hi” to the baby. No joke, she waved at my belly!!! Then a moment later said “hi”!!! I started giggling a whole lot and asked Jack if he saw/heard what just happened. Nope. So I asked her to say “hi baby” again. Sure enough, clear as day, she looked at my belly and repeated those exact words. And Jack missed it again *sigh*.

Anyway, I was impressed and thrilled that maybe, just maybe, she is making a small connection that there is a baby on the way. She is going to be an awesome big sister.