Today marked 20 months for our little Bug, who really s not so little anymore. It also meant a trip to Circle S farm to select our pumpkins for carving. Soooooo much fun was had:

After selecting our pumpkins, showing them off to Andrea and Grandma Pat:
Look at our pumpkins!

Leading the way through the sunflower maze:
Happiness is wandering through a maze.

And discovering rabbits:
Hey mom, these are cool

Many more pictures on Flickr.

The highlight of the day, though, was later in the afternoon after her nap. She now very much calls me “mommy”, and it’s 50/50 if she calls Jack “mama” or “dada”, yet yesterday, while hanging out on the floor watching TV she very much staked her claim to us. She came over, sat between us and said “Hi mama! Hi dada!”. It was really freakin’ adorable. Then today I was being lazy, laying on the floor and Jack came over to give me a hug. She came tearing over form across the room, gave us a giant hug and then yelled” Mama! Dada! I love you!” and gave us the biggest hugs and smiles. I completely teared up. She halfway signs I love you, but this was a true attempt at getting it out and telling us how she felt. It was awesome. Admittedly it wasn’t crystal clear, it was probably more “I wuv you”, but you get the idea.

So 20 months was a big, fun day. I’ll be out of town for 21 months (in Brussels), but I’m sure she’ll do something crazy since last time I was overseas (a year ago, same time frame) she figured out how to climb the stairs.