First off, I apologize that it’s been more than a month since my last update. September was hectic both in work and personal life. Now to the important stuff:

In case you hadn’t heard… we’re having another little girl! I think I was more surprised than Jack because I was so incredibly sure it was a boy this time. Apparently I was very wrong. We’ve settled on the first name of Reagan, but we’re still working out the middle name. We have an idea or two that we’re nearly sold on, we’ll see how it falls out. And no, Jack & Kerry, it won’t be “Omics”! And no, I don’t take the president jokes well at all. It’s a great Irish girl name, nothing to do with a former president.

The other good news is that since Caitlin grew so fast, meaning her clothes were barely worn and I save them all, we have a complete wardrobe already for Reagan  And lots of girlie and neutral appropriate blankets, etc. I think the only things we likely need are bottles (the last were well worn and donated) and maybe a small swing since we got rid of the gigantic swing we had before. We’re going to transition Caitlin from her crib to a day bed, or some kind of twin size bed, by January so we’ll also have the crib freed up for Reagan. Looks like Caitlin will be the one with new stuff!

Speaking of which, I really need to pull together a list of good books about being a “big sister” and having a new baby at home to start preparing her. I know there is only so much she’ll understand, but she’s a pretty sharp cookie and I think she will be a great mommy’s little helper if we can somewhat help her understand a baby is coming.

So what’s new with Caitlin? I don’t even know where to begin. She has more and more words every day and is even figuring out what many of them mean. She is getting better at communicating what she wants and very few tantrums are had. Not to say we don’t have our moments of frustration, but we usually sort it out without much of a meltdown. She is also EXTREMELY active. She runs around a ton, scales the stairs and furniture like a pro and dances or spins in circles whenever she is not already doing one of those other things. She’s also mastered sliding down the stairs on her butt and can walk upright holding the wall up the stairs for 3 or 4 stairs. Insanity! She also weighs a ton, despite being lean with a small pot belly, given her height and general size. Or maybe I’m just fatigued and weak from chasing her and being pregnant…

And lastly, I’m working on updating Amazon wish lists. I do realize that the holidays are rapidly approaching, and if you’re like me you probably want to get the shopping done sooner than later. I’m also buying for Caitlin’s birthday early since the baby is due around that same time. Which means some toys will hide until Christmas, others will hide until February. She’s going to think that December – February is known as “toy season”.

Alright, off to be productive! Maybe this evening I’ll even post the latest ultrasound pics on Flickr.