When your pregnant and over 35 they tend to pick on you a little more… or maybe a lot more. A week ago Friday my doctor had me go in for an Ultrascreen appointment down at OSU. Essentially it’s crazy genetic testing that screens for various disorders based on your family history. In addition to that there was the main screening for Down’s Syndrome and Trisomy 13 & 18.

The good news is that my genetic history, combined with Jack’s, didn’t really lead to any additional testing needed. The other good thing was that I had the chance to watch Angry Jellybean on the ultrasound monitor for probably 10 – 15 minutes. I left with another 7 pictures, my favorite being the one where it looks like he/she is holding up a hand to drink. Clearly the baby wants a bottle or a beer.

I went in with fairly low chances, but they give you average chances based on you age at your due date. Since we have now officially moved the due date to 2/27/10 I’ll still be 36, although the odds aren’t that much different at 37. The doctor spent a lot of time helping me anticipate what positive or abnormal results could mean once received. I really didn’t need the prep. Anyone that know me know I read a ridiculous amount to educate myself on this sort of thing before having it done. I get that a 1/300 chance means 3% which is still really low and an abnormal result of such still doesn’t mean anything definitive other than I may want more testing. Check!

The call came in yesterday with the results. My results are better than that of someone less than the age of 20! Not only were the tests not abnormal, the chances for Down’s in the baby is 1/3900 and the chances of one of the Trisomy disorders is 1/7300. Yeah, not really likely at all. We expected this kind of news and it’s what we got. Yay!

It was great seeing both of the baby’s legs and at least one of the arms too. As you can imagine we worry about amniotic banding again even though the chances are next to none. All my doctors have assured me we’ll be on the look out at the next two ultrasounds as well.

The next appointment in October will likely also give us the chance to find out the sex of the baby. And like last time we will find out. As I said before, there is shopping to be done before arrival! I keep getting asked if I have an inkling yet and I really don’t I’ve used he and she off and on and the number of times I started to write either in this blog has been numerous. With Caitlin there was a definite feeling of girl that I had. This time I’m just not sure yet. Of course Jack is convinced boy given how different this pregnancy is.

Speaking of our amazing Bug… her vocabulary is really starting to increase. When I picked her up from day care earlier this week she grabbed my car keys and started yelling “keys” before she subsequently tried to eat them. When I talk about colors she repeats them and sometimes points them out correctly. At school they’re also practicing counting 1 – 5 and learning manners. Caitlin is awesome at saying please and thank you (although sometimes it requires prompting). She is going to be an absolutely awesome big sister.

Since Caitlin is sleeping in this morning, I should probably upload to Flickr while I can 🙂 Maybe even catch a shower, which is often unheard of on a Saturday. Hooray!