Last night while taking a marathon bath during which we splashed and put bubbles on our faces, Bug suddenly noticed the giant stick-on fish on the walls of her bathroom. Actually, she noticed earlier in the week, walking into her bathroom and staring at them momentarily, however last night as I took her out of the bath she just stood there staring for a very long time at Nemo (Nemo theme stickers or course). When we finally realized what she was looking at Jack asked “is that Nemo?” to which she replied with a gigantic smile “Meemo!” She looked around at the other fish and we pointed out Dory, Marlin, Squirt and various others I don’t know the names of, but we kept coming back to Nemo.

As we left the bathroom Bug brought a bath toy with her and kept saying “Meemo!” over and over and over and over and over and… you get the idea. We changed into her jammies and started to wind down for bed. 8pm meant it was time for night night and up the stairs we went, bath toy still in tow. I put her into bed and tried to take the toy. You’d think the world was ending right then and there. I looked at my teary eyed daughter and then at the rattle like toy. What harm could it do in her crib? Fine, sleep with the darn bath toy and I’ll get it in the morning.

This morning I wander into her bedroom to get her ready for a day at Grandma Pat’s since school is closed, she rolls over and I see she has her bear in one arm and the bath toy firm in her grip still! I barely got it loose so she could eat breakfast. She carried it from breakfast, through getting dressed and down to the car to head out for the day. As I type this she is probably wandering around grandma’s house with it still in her hand. She is probably now saying “Meemo!” again since completely coincidentally Pat bought her a Nemo book to read today.

In other news, today is 12 weeks. Someone better flip that switch and make the nausea go away now. This is when that’s supposed to happen, isn’t it?