That was the pace of the heartbeat coming from the little embryo in my abdomen this morning. Yes, that is correct, we are 8 weeks & 3 days pregnant. I know that perhaps it is premature to discuss given our miscarriage in April (at 5 weeks) and the desire for so many to wait to discuss until 12 weeks, but I just could not go without mentioning hearing that teeny tiny heartbeat today. She warned us that there was a chance we may not being only 8 weeks along, but sure enough there it was clear as day. Amazing.

This morning while eating breakfast I talked to Caitlin about the baby in my belly. I rubbed my belly and told her there was a baby in it. She smiled, rubbed her belly and said “baby”. It was so freakin’ adorable I almost cried.

Speaking of my #1 Bug, she is getting to be pretty awesome about bed time. If she hasn’t already worn herself out b y 8:30 or 9pm I can tell her it’s time for night night and she will either head for the stairs or expect that we’ll be going up them soon. Once we go up I put her in her crib, give her kisses and tuck her in with on last “night night” which she almost always repeats back. Then I leave the room and stand outside the door as she gets upset for about 10 – 20 seconds. She gets over it so quickly and reverts to either talking to the bear and rabbit in her crib or, presumably, puts her head down and drifts off to sleepy land. Either way, she is pretty much putting herself to bed now. It’s really cool.

She is also a book fiend. We read the same six books over and over and over and over and then over again. She has perhaps 20 books, but it’s always the same 6. I need to invest in more books clearly.

Home sick today. Once again getting over daycare death plague. This nasty cold combined with constant nausea is really not cool. I can only pray that as the cold passes it takes my last 3 or 4 weeks of nausea with it. Time to make the best of my day off and go lay down and read… note that I for once will be reading something other than ‘Fox in Socks’ or ‘Olivia’ or ‘Are you My Mother’ or ‘Dr Seuss ABC’ or… you get the idea.