I forgot to post about something funny that happened on the 4th of July! We went over to Grandma Pat’s for some pre-fireworks dinner which meant time to tear apart grandma’s house. This time Caitlin had help because Kerry, Bishop and Gavin came along. Boy can Bishop tear apart a house! J/K 🙂

On to the story, Caitlin was having a great time and doing very well with saying “thank you” at the appropriate time as she handed toys to people and they handed them back. I can’t remember the toy she was carrying around, but she walked over to the end of the coffee table and accidentally dropped it so that it fell under the table. She immediately looked at Jack and I and kept trying to say “please”, along with the ASL sign for it, because she wanted us to help her get it back. We both just kept telling her she could reach it. After getting a little frustrated she bent over and picked it up no problem all by herself. Now the funny part, at the top of her little lungs she said “THANK YOU!”, smiled and wandered off to play some more. It was hysterical that she thanked herself extremely loudly for picking up the toy. Everyone in the room burst out laughing for a good few minutes. She even laughed with us regardless of the fact that she had no idea why we were laughing.

At least she’s polite 🙂