Caitlin now eats about 50% of her dinner with a toddler fork. And when I say “eats” I actually mean stabs. She tries to eat everything with a fork, but that doesn’t always work out. Sometimes she insists on assistance, sometimes she insists she can do it herself and sometimes she gives in and uses her fingers. Regardless, she is getting there. I will say it certainly doesn’t make dinner any less messy.

In the past week she’s also acquired a few new words, “night night” being the most impressive one to me. She knows what it means and often will lay her head down and pretend it is bedtime. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t always mean SHE wants to go to bed.

She’s also now officially learned “no” and “mine”, let the terrorizing of mommy and daddy begin. If either of us do something she doesn’t approve of, or prevent her from doing something, “no” is now her favorite thing to say (usually accompanied by a smack). Likewise if you take something from her and she clearly wants it back you will hear “mine!!!!” to the highest of volumes.

Crayons are now also making an appearance at home. I bought bathtub crayons and she actually draws on the tub with them instead of eating them. Amazing! She doesn’t have to even be in the tub. Sometimes we’ll just be in her room playing and she’ll want to go in the bathroom to draw on the tub. Very fun.

“Fox in Socks” is still the book of choice, but “Goodnight Moon” and “Are You My Mother” are starting to catch up. My preference is “Goodnight Moon” as “Are You My Mother” is ridiculously redundant: Are you my mother the baby bird asked the cow… no, I am a cow said the cow… how many times can we cay cow in 5 sentences? Jack seems to rather enjoy the fact, though, that he can yell “SNORT!” while reading that book.

This weekend is party central to celebrate Nick’s 30th. I’m sure lots of pictures will follow…