The house seems to be sleeping in this morning, me excluded. Bug had a crazy busy day yesterday so it’s not surprising. While I was off redeeming my Mother’s Day gift (4 hours at the spa) she and daddy went off to Gymboree for fun and craziness. Once Gymboree was out they headed to Grandpa Ted and Grandma Meg’s for fun in the sun. They apparently bought a water table this past week for their back yard and Caitlin went nuts for it. Thankfully nuts in a bathing suit. Her cousin Nora was there and they played, ate and played from about 11:30 until 1:45.

I arrived home at 2pm to no family. They showed up at 2:30ish and she went straight down for a 2 hour nap. I’ve not seen her go down that fast in awhile. Jack headed to Cincy for a ball-game with Joe (happy belated birthday Joe!) and I wrapped up some chores while she slept.

As soon as she woke up, though, it was off to Target to wrap up some Father’s Day shopping and look at random stuff. We played with a ton of toys, but there didn’t seem to be any she just had ot have, She handed everything I passed to her right back to me after she inspected it.

We were home by 5:30, dinner at 6 (which she hardly ate) and then off to see Gavin! Little did we know Aunt Andrea and Uncle Nick we’re going to be there too. Toddler craziness (and some adult craziness too) until 9pm. Caitlin also tried to eat half my dinner while we were there (she never eats noodles at home, but when not at home… game on!) and was busy trying to drum a lot on the rock-band set up. We got home just after 9 and that little girl crashed again. Put her in her crib with Hobbes (her officially named tiger) and off she went. Not a peep or fight.

We’ll see what Father’s Day holds today. No crazy plans. Maybe a trip to the pool or a park. All depends on how hot it is. And to all you other Father’s out there (min included 🙂 ) HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!!

I’ll leave you with a recent picture. They bought a huge bag of little rubber bands at day care and as of Thursday put her hair up daily. This is a shot from Friday:

Ponytail 2