Typically I average one or two posts a month as of late. We’ll call this the post for June. Unfortunately time is limited, very limited, as of late. Let me give you an example… last weekend.

• Friday’s schedule
o Up at 6am to get ready for work
o Bug up by 7am to eat breakfast and get ready for day care
o Jack out the door with Bug at 7:30, me out the door at 7:45
o Work, work, work
o Leave at 5:15 to go pick up Bug
o Race home so I can get her fed before Gavin comes over!
o Eat at 5:45 and quickly try to clean house
o 6:15- Gavin arrives! We’re babysitting so his parents could go see a movie (date night, woot!)
o Hang out with the kids until 10. Play, comfort, snack, run ourselves ragged
o 10pm bedtime for Caitlin
o Bed for the parents shortly thereafter

• Saturday
o Up at 6:30 to find and document stuff for the garage sale at the Moose
o Bug up at 8am (slept in, wow), time for breakfast and getting dressed
o Play time until we leave at 9:45 for Gymboree
o Off to Gymboree from 10:15 – 11:30
o Head over to grandpa Ted & grandma Meg’s house to play on the new climber we bought her and make a mess with water in the backyard
o Get home around 2pm, nap time for Bug
o Clean house until she gets up at 4pm (man was I behind, and still only got it half done!)
o Snack time and play time until dinner
o 6:30 dinner
o 7:30 Bath time
o 8:00 story time
o Bed around 9:30

• Sunday
o Whole house was up by 7am.
o Do laundry and dishes while Jack and Bug play
o Prepare to go to brunch around 10
o Discover that my debit card and license are in the dryer and trying to escape via the lint filter.
o Jack spends an hour saving them and we head out around 11am
o Get Jack a new phone on the way, finally get to food around noon
o Off to the mall for new shoes for Bug, she now wears 6.5 wide (up a full size)
o Finally get home close to 1:30 and it’s nap time
o Up at 3pm, time for bubbles outside!
o Visit with Nick and Andrea briefly
o Back inside to play, play, play until dinner
o 6:30pm dinner
o Read Fox and Socks (at least 5 – 10 times) until 8pm when it’s time to wind down for bed
o Bug finally crashes around 9:30

So as you can see it’s never a dull moment.

I guess the important stuff is what’s new with Bug.

• Her favorite word currently is “bubbles”. She often mixes it up with “ball”. It seems she is starting to understand that kitties and puppies are different, but still often uses them interchangeably.

• Her favorite past time is running in circles around the kitchen island for 30 minutes at a time. We’re expected to chase her or be hiding to jump out at her as she comes around a corner.

• Her favorite book is Fox in Socks. Not so good for the parents to read 3 or 4 times in a row, but she loves it so.

• She likes to wander around the house with her little bear under one arm and sippy cup in hand.

• She still really dislikes milk, but will drink it when mixed with a Yoplait smoothie.

• She likes pizza. We don’t’ give it to her often, but she does know what a pizza box is. That may be a bad thing.

• She enjoys going outside to play with bubbles. Or to run down the sidewalk. We’re going to start exploring parks soon and possibly visit a local lake since she enjoys being outdoors and I want to spend more time outdoors

• We bought a climber two weeks ago and set it up in grandpa Ted’s back yard. We’ll try and get pictures soon. We anticipate spending lots of time in their back yard this summer

• We recently signed up for Gymboree. It will be good for her to be around kids beyond those at day care and also get a chance to sing silly songs and do some interactive play with me or Jack. It’s in Gahanna near grandpa Ted’s place so that is convenient too for back yard play afterwards.

• She’ll be moving to Toddler I at day care in August. Right now there are 24 kids scheduled in that room. When she goes there will be only 7 as a majority will have moved on. So awesome.

• She currently is wearing size 2T and her shoe size is now 6.5 wide. I think 3T is not too far off in the future. She is growing like a weed and has really long legs (of course).

• We’ve only been to the pool once since it opened Memorial Day weekend. The weather has not been cooperating, but soon we should be able to start going in the evenings after work with Uncle Nick and Aunt Andrea. Maybe even Kerry and Gavin will come along!

That is all I can think of for now. Lunch break is almost over and there is work to be done. Next update in July!