Traumatic morning for mommy and daddy. Caitlin has been venturing closer and closer to the stairs that head down to our first floor. More often than not it’s in the morning when Jack heads out to load the car. I typically scoop her up to head to the window so she can watch him. Easy enough.

This morning she headed over to the stairs when we were both in the living room. She looked at us and smiled, but I noticed she was exceptionally close to the edge of the top stair. I jumped up and ran over, but not quick enough before her foot slipped past the edge and she took a little tumble.

Two things I am thankful for:
1. Our stairs turn a corner so going down they are two short flights of stairs separated by a landing rather than one long set.
2. Caitlin is big enough that she tries to catch herself now when she falls.

She took a short tumble down the 5 or 6 stairs that make it to the landing area. I swear it was in slow motion, mostly because she partially caught herself as she rolled. She looked stunned as I followed/jumped over her on the stairs to pick her up. She was not hurt at all, she thought for a second about crying, but instead just snuggled into my shoulder and cuddled. I think more than anything she just scared herself.

We made it 15.5 months without a gate at the top of the stairs. Now we’re contemplating our next move as to whether or not a gate goes up. I’m thinking likely one will.

Going up the stairs has taken a new turn also. She now refuses to crawl up them. Instead she walks over and holds her hands straight above her head. She wants us to hold her hands so she can STEP up the stairs. That’s right; she walks up the stairs now, but by no means on her own. Her legs, while long, are not quite ready for this feat yet. It’s just a matter of time, though.