Our weekend consisted of:

Gavin’s 1st birthday party on Saturday. Caitlin played in the tub full of ice until her hands were almost blue. Who needs toys?

Repeating the words “night night” after mommy said it, but not going to sleep for quite some time after that.

Lots of bubbles on the front steps.

Calling all her stuffed animals “kitty”. Everything is a “kitty” right now.

Petting her first dog and being licked all over her face. She giggled really hard when the dog licked/nuzzled her.

First trip to the swimming pool this summer! An hour in the water followed by a 3 hour nap.

Grabbing mommy’s hand and leading her in circles, around the couch, on a walk for 15 minutes. If mommy sat down she was pulled back up to walk some more.

And much, much more…