Our little Bug never ceases to amaze me. Her ever growing vocabulary includes:

• Baby
• Bear (she loves teddy!)
• Uh Oh
• Up
• Apple (or at least it sounds like apple)
• Daddy
• Hi (her most favorite word)
• Bye bye
• Tickle

What’s even more amazing is that most of the time she’s associating them in the right way. Like this morning she looked at Jack in the kitchen, said “daddy” and waved. Every day when we get home from day care she makes sure to say “hi” and wave at each of the cats. And when she says tickle (more like ticka) she either tries to tickle me, or lifts her shirts and shows me her belly so I can tickle it.

She also seems to have learned some ASL (American Sign Language). I didn’t think they were teaching it at day care anymore as I didn’t see the “sign of the week” poster, but perhaps they are. She seems to have down the motion for more and when she’s hungry she’ll go to her high chair and rub her tummy. I think I’m finally going to get off my butt and see if I can’t teach her some other signs since she is seemingly picking some up from somewhere. She’s on smart cookie.

Bug is currently in love with ALL her stuffed animals. Especially the Owl in daddy’s car. When she wasn’t feeling well this past week she brought him inside from the car for cuddles. Of course Tiger and Bear reign supreme in the house. Likely because they’re about her size and great for full body cuddles. She especially likes gathering them all one by one, piling them on me and then climbing on top. Silly girl.

We’ve agreed currently to let her have her own 30 minutes of TV every day right now. While we know that no TV is ideal, studies also seem to show it’s not exactly harmful either. We still prefer play over TV, but she loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so we do watch it when we get home daily so I can separate myself and make dinner for her. It’s really cute to watch her dance to the songs throughout the show, especially the hot dog song at the end. You can’t go wrong when They Might Be Giants is doing a song for your show, right? The funny thing is when we sing it or say “Oh Toodles!” and she looks at the TV to see if it’s on. We’ll still keep TV to a minimum, but we’re going to allow this little guilty pleasure.

I’m still working on coming up with a variety of meals for her. She is so impatient at dinner time that I have to be able to prepare meals in 10 minutes or less. And she’s always hungry as soon as we get home. Since I work all day this leaves very little pre time (part of the reason for the TV break). If anyone knows some awesome recipes sites aimed at toddlers let me know. I want to keep it healthy, but I need it to also be easy and quick to prep. Since I’m now moving towards lunch at home every day maybe I can start trying to prep then.

Grammy and Grampy come to visit in a week. I’m very excited for her to get to see them again. It will be good for them to see how much she has grown and changed, and good for her to get a chance to reconnect with them. Maybe she’ll talk them into moving to Ohio!

Speaking of growing, I’ve just started ordering the next size in pants, which I think is 24 months. Is that the same as 2T? I need to do research. Anyway, he 18 month pants finally fit at the waist, but are all becoming highwaters. And not in a cute Capri way, they are clearly too short. I knew she’d be in the next size well before 18 months, I just knew! Her shorts still seem to fit for the most part unless they came from Old Navy. I’m finding their clothes run very small on her. Anyway…

Lengthy update, it was about time. Trying to get back on track with this! Especially now that we’re closing in on summer and lots of outdoor fun!