Fever, runny nose, not sleeping well… must be teeth right? I don’t care how often I read that fevers and runny noses are not a sign of teething, I’m a believer that they are. We’ve not slept well all week as our little Bug has been an extremely restless sleeper. Then Thursday kicked it up a notch with a fever (Happy Birthday, Mommy!) and an early departure from day care. The fever hung on Friday and yesterday, but appears to be subsiding today. Last night while changing her diaper she was singing (or something) and I could see into her mouth and caught a glimpse of a tooth beginning to poke through near the back. Yep, molars! By far the worst of the teething we’ve had.

One other thing occurring as of this past week is her bringing us her PJs near her bedtime. We often have them hanging out on the back of the couch in the evening, waiting until just before her bedtime to change her. Twice this past week she grab them off the couch around 7:30/8pm and brought them to us. So cute. She is also good at pointing at her blanket and making a little “uh, uh” noise with her arms in the air asking to be picked up, with her blankie, to go to sleep (nap or nighttime). Talk about communicating!

‘Uh oh’ is still her word of choice, but a few days ago we were babbling with her and had her saying: mama, dada, hi, up and a variation of hot dog. The variation of hot dog is the funniest. While her vocabulary is not extensive, she babbles and sings a ton which is the most important at this stage. I suspect the words will be flowing before we know it. Oh, and she loves saying ‘hi’. If I’m on my computer and she’s playing along, she’ll stop, look at me, smile, wave and say ‘hi’. Makes me giggle every time.

Off to take further advantage of a sleeping baby and daddy, gotta get some stuff done!

ps. received a sewing machine, fabric and a ‘softies’ pattern book for my birthday. I see many odd plushies in my future!