Seriously. Walk…walk…walk. Bug is officially a walker… like on her own walker. We bought her new hard soled shoes yesterday and apparently that did it. With or without the shoes on. This first occurred when we stopped by Kerry and Bishop’s place to visit for a minute and see Adrian. She was fussy with Jack and I so she just walked off, the long way around, to the kitchen. See ya! Something like 20+ steps before she fell on her diapered butt.

Then we came home, took off her shoes and hung out for awhile. She decided that where ever she was going she would try to walk there first and then crawl if she landed on her bottom. Walk, walk, walk. She also got up without pulling up yesterday. She was squatted on the floor and pushed up with her hands and legs to standing. This was the first time I’d seen her do this. So awesome.

She speed crawls and walks… we’re in trouble now!

Right now she and I are home with the day off and she is sitting in the living room making all kinds of noises playing with an empty ice cream bucket. It’s very cute. So cute I’m going to go join her…

ps. I’m playing music on my laptop and she is dancing to it. She just rocks her body, but it’s incredibly cute. Yay! Bug likes music! (like there was ever a doubt)