I’ve been slacker extraordinaire when it comes to updating lately. Something about a infant that is pretty much a toddler wanting to walk and be involved in every aspect of your life does not leave much time for updating.

The biggest news would be that she said her first word(s) yesterday. They were “Uh-Oh!” I was not home to witness this, but Grandma Pat was over watching a sick Bug when this occurred. Jack had gone home early and also witnessed this a few times also before I finally arrived home. It took her awhile once I was home to get it out, but sure enough as she was crawling away from me on the couch I heard a very cute little “uh-ohhhh”. She does say mama and dada, but not to us, and it sounds like she says “hi”, but I’m not quite yet sold on that one either. Regardless, I think her vocabulary will be building quickly.

In other news, we had an incident about 2 weeks ago that I meant to write a funny blog about. It would have been labeled something to the effect of “brown trout”. Why you ask? Well that was the hilarious code words we (Nick and I) once heard in Vegas when someone left a treat in the pool. Long story short, Caitlin had her first bout of constipation. She was not a happy bug by any means. So during dinner we gave her some of the yogurt bites she likes and followed everything up with a nice warm bath. Sure enough, about 5 minutes into the bath there was an extra “treat” floating around. Eep! I’m sure that won’t be the last time that occurs…

She’s also now quite good at standing on her own and is now working on walking. She does very well getting all around the living room as long as she has something to hang on to, she even walks holding my hands, yet she’s not quite yet there on her own. She has managed a few Frankenstein steps here or there to bridge the gap between the chairs and the couch, but no real steps beyond that. I suspect it’s just a matter of time.

All that said, just two weeks until her birthday. How time has flown. I can’t believe that my little girl is already going to be 1!