And that’s just what she did. Over the weekend Caitlin figured out how to clap her hands. It’s pretty funny too. Sometimes it’s because we’re clapping, but other times she just stops, mid play, and claps all on her own with no prompting. Too cute.

She’s also taken to standing with no support. Her record for a few days was 20 seconds and then yesterday she stood unsupported for probably a good 1.5 – 2 minutes. She doesn’t even realize when she’s doing it. She also doesn’t care where she is: floor, couch, bed, you name it and she’ll try to stand on her own.

Then there is table food. She’ll take the food right off your plate if you’re not careful (ask Grandma Pat about that). She wants to eat everything in sight. We’re still transitioning over, but I get the feeling she’ll be off pureed food within a few months. Did I mention she had her first french fry yesterday and loved it? I only let her have about 5 and then it was back to her veggies and puffs.

Speaking of puffs, she is seemingly drunk on them right now. I gave her a spill proof container with some in it so she can feed herself and she’s in heaven. She’s standing on the couch next to me singing and chatting away. As her daddy would say, she is nutso.