So where were we? Oh yeah, Nick playing with blocks and not really being helpful at confirming it was that Santa dude that broke in and left all the presents. So what to do? We called in (literally) the reinforcements!

Opening a present from grammy and grampy

Surely Grammy and Grampy know what’s going on! Caitlin showed them the tomato and asked what they knew about all these mysterious gifts.

Showing Grammy her tomato

Of course their response, “Did Santa bring you that?” That’s what she’s trying to figure out!

The case is still open, with no resolution. What to do but play with the toys and wait for next year?

Singing time

Next year there is no doubt Bug will attempt to stay up late and catch that Santa guy in action. However until then she has enough toys to keep her busy for at least 6 – 12 months!

Hope everyone had a happy holiday and has a safe new year! Update this weekend for the ’08 recap.