Note that CSI does not mean, in this case, Crime Scene Investigation. Rather it is Christmas/Caitlin Scene Investigation if you please. And so we commence…

Christmas morning began like any other, with the exception of funny looking pajamas:
First things first, gotta have a bottle.

And then we realized someone had broken into the house and left presents. Presumably that “Santa” fella:
Christmas Morning

Caitlin began investigating the evidence immediately. Beginning with her stocking:
How many can I hold at once?

The sensory balls seemed odd, but cool. Just in case she had mommy check them out too:
Smiles and sharing

Once she was comfortable with the sensory balls it was on to investigate mommy’s stocking. Caitlin wanted to make sure she wasn’t the only one working, so she had mommy help out:
Helping mommy with her stocking stuffers.

What's that?

Then she stumbled across an odd package that lit up. What on earth? That can’t be good! Much to her surprise it was actually quite OK. It was a pink baseball glove that lights up when you hit the palm:
Pink Baseball glove from Grammy & Grampy

Then it was time for the mysterious gigantic red package, what could it be?
What is that???

Watch out! A Dragon! Don’t worry, Caitlin tamed it in no time:
Playing inside the dragon

The Grandma Pat came over to help out with the investigation. She helped Bug interrogate Raggedy Ann to see if she knew who brought all the presents.
Grandma Pat & Raggedy Ann

Raggedy Ann wouldn’t talk. Hmm. Thankfully Nick and Andrea came over. Maybe they can help us figure this out.

Nick likes playing with the blocks almost as much as Caitlin

Nope, Uncle Nick was too busy playing with the alphabet blocks.

To be continued…