Caitlin had her first official meeting of Santa Claus yesterday. I say “official” as she did see him briefly in the mall a few weeks ago, but we did not stop for pictures. This time she sat on his lap. Proof:


Everyone was very impressed that she did not cry or freak out. They clearly do not know Caitlin. She does awesome around people she does not know, Santa included. She even received a little gift… a learning puppy that talks, sings songs and is generally noisy. You can imagine Jack’s joy over another toy that makes sounds πŸ˜‰

And of course, this past week also marked 10 months. Obligatory picture with her most favorite stuffed bear:


I suspect she will be 6 feet tall by the age of two.

All in all, life is rolling along and she is more amazing every day. The number of sounds and noises she makes these days is hysterical. I think she almost has her own language. The open mouthed kisses crack me up too as do the “Ewok” noises she makes that accompany them. Did I mention that Jack has moved from calling her a Wookie to calling her an Ewok? At least Ewoks are cuter.

Just a few more weeks until Christmas. I seriously can’t wait. It will take her all day to open her presents (she isn’t sure what to do with them yet of course), but I’m cool with that.

And I leave you with this, just taken right now as I type this blog… she is completely crashed out: