This morning we celebrated St Nick’s Day. Check out Wikipedia for more info.

Caitlin’s little gift was on old skool Fisher Price rotary phone. They have one at day care in Infant II and they mentioned that she absolutely loves it. So we got her one for home to play with too. Now she has two cell phones and a rotary phone. Bug is well connected.

Pictures on Flickr of course. They’re private so be sure to add me as a contact if you want to see them.

We’re also having what I would say s our first real snow today. It’s started off with wet snow and turned into cold icy snow, which means the roads are a disaster. It’s not much snow, maybe will be two inches total by the time it is done, but the roads are nasty and incredibly icy. Good excuse to stay in and not do much 🙂 Or maybe we should get off our butts and get the Christmas decorations out… maybe.

Bug is napping, so I am off to knit!