Today is 9 months… already! Pictures uploaded tomorrow. A few major things going on right now:

~ Her top front teeth are working on coming in. Soon she will have 6 teeth!

~ She is eating some of the bigger first solid foods no problem. She seems to love wagon wheels and cheese puffs. I can’t wait to try out some “real” food soon. I’m thinking she may get some on Thanksgiving for sure.

~ She is transitioning from Infant 1 at day care to Infant 2. This is probably the biggest news. She spent a little time in there yesterday and 2 hours today. Tomorrow will be 3 hours; Thursday will be 4 hours and then Friday the whole day. Assuming all goes well she is in there permanently next week. I’m very excited for her as she is beyond ready to move over. She seems to spend half the day watching the other kids through the window that separates the rooms. She’s also moving ahead of two babies that are older than her because she is so mobile. I have this funny feeling that she’ll be walking before the end of the year, especially once she is permanently in a room with walking babies/toddlers (up to 18 months)!

That’s all the big news. Next doctor appt is next week on Tuesday. We’ll have measurements, etc, then. I’m also getting very excited for her first holidays. I know all she’ll care about is playing with the wrapping paper and boxes, but I’ll enjoy playing with her toys 🙂