We ended up at the doctor’s office yesterday morning. The runny nose, the progressed into a cold that progressed into a cold and teething seems to have become a cold, teething and a mild case of pink eye. I’m not sold that it’s pink eye, but she’s on eye drops anyway and her eyes are clearing up. Poor baby obviously doesn’t feel well, but is handling it extremely well. She still playing every chance she gets, however is cuddling up a storm. I love the cuddling. If the cold runs it’s course as planned she should be better by the weekend. Fingers crossed!

With the holidays approaching I’m building an Amazon wish list for Caitlin. The link will be posted with the other links to the left. Of course as soon as we’re finished with Christmas we have her birthday (and mine, and Jack’s, and Aunt Drea’s, and Granbma Pat’s… eep!) My house is going to be flooded with baby stuff.